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Song Therapy Webinars

offer a friendly supportive space for sharing ideas and encouraging responsible practice. Guest speakers are often invited to speak on particular topics.

Open to all Song Therapy students and the general public too. To receive ZOOM invitations delivered to your mail box contact us by email and we will send you the link every month. No other registration details are required.



Sunday October 30th 2022 on ZOOM 12 noon BST

The difference between Song Therapy and Music Therapy

Independent song therapy practice is still in its infancy. It offers a unique person centred perspective on maximizing the therapeutic value of recreational music making, singing and song writing.

Song therapy training is rooted in responsible leadership skills. Self awareness, emotional intelligence, positive regard, empathy and humility. It offers something quite distinct from clinical music therapy which is a well established clinical healthcare profession in the UK.

It is important to draw clear lines between these two traditions and to do this in a responsible and informed manner. This webinar will address some of these challenges. Perhaps this might help to reduce some of the confusion that has arisen now that song therapy is slowly becoming established as a bona fide independent approach to maximizing the therapeutic impact of recreational music making in community, social care and education.

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