Certificate in Song Therapy

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Song Therapy Advisers

We have a small team of professional advisers who have helped to ensure the course builds in a way that meets the needs of students both now and in the future. If you decide to enrol on the course we like to think that you will consider yourself to be a part of this team as well, offering your feedback and valued observations as to the quality of the materials and the way the course can improve in the future.

Nigel Neill is the Course Facilitator and established the Song Therapy Network in 2018. He wrote the Certificate Course which continues to evolve with the support and encouragement of our team here and indeed all our students.

Dr Catherine Pestano is our External Course Adviser. Catherine has provided invaluable support, helping to develop the Song Therapy Network in exactly the right way to match the needs and the aspirations of all our students. Catherine is an external examiner for the Open University and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her advice along the way has been invaluable.

Clare Chappel looks after student welfare. She is a BACP registered counsellor and offers our students remote supervision via phone, ZOOM and initially email.

Lynsey Wellington is a mindfulness practitioner with immense experience. She offers our students advice and support on building mindfulness practice as part of our commitment to responsible and sensitive leadership, and as part of our commitment to ourselves and our individual self care regimes. There is a two hour ZOOM unit attached to module three of the course which Lynsey delivers.

Liz Radford Peter Brown Liz and Peter offer ongoing advice and support to current students and those who have completed our course. They are qualified students who use song therapy in different ways in their work and can advise you on practical steps forward. They also advise on course materials and improving assessment criteria and learning methods.

Professor Matt Qvortrup is a respected author and philosopher who writes regularly for Philosophy Now magazine. He has appeared on BBC television and speaks widely on European politics. Apparently, and by his own admission, Matt describes himself as a 'mediocre' guitarist, but I'm not so sure ! He contributes occasionally to our webinar programme and offers light entertaining reflections on philosophy music and life.

You may meet some of us at a workshop or perhaps through ZOOM. Our little team has come together very slowly and in a really natural way.


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