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Certificate in Song Therapy

September 2022 intake now enrolling now.
Our independent one year online course is designed for sensitive, self aware music group leaders and activity co- ordinators wishing to build their human and music skills to maximise the positive impact of their recreational music making.

Transferable leadership skills are at the heart of Song Therapy training. Soft skills. Self awareness, active listening, person centred thinking and group leadership.

Many of our students are funded by their employers including the NHS, Local Government, Education Authorities, Charities and other NGOs.

Organisations funding Song Therapy training for their staff

The course costs £850 and can be paid for in instalments or in advance. This includes ten assessed modules of online learning, magazine subscription, personal assignment tutor, peer support, third party CPD recognised training and webinars on ZOOM.

For much more information and to view the first module of the course free of charge and without obligation please contact us.

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NHS and Local government funds Song Therapy Training

What is Song Therapy ?

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in community based singing and music making both face to face and online. Now more than ever perhaps we should be very aware that our music making attracts so many facing health challenges in their lives.

Song Therapy is particularly interested in transferable leadership skills. Soft skills. Self awareness, active listening, person centred thinking and group leadership. A clearly defined professional approach to therapeutic music making in recreational settings.

Students supporting each other during lockdown : an online songwriting assignment

We draw inspiration from the person centred counselling tradition; empathy; positive regard; self awareness; active listening; self worth; acceptance; building supportive creative human relationships in community music making, rooted in established theories of child psychology and modern philosopy.

Beyond this we celebrate music as a friend, as a medicine and as a language, exploring specific ways to use your music making to maximize the positive well being impact of your creative leadership.

Our certificate training has been available in the UK since 2018 and perhaps now more than ever the value of our independent training programme is clear. Sensitive, aware, professional leadership skills. A flexible online study regime that adapts to the demands of everyday living, at a price that is within the means of community music makers who might otherwise not be in a position to enjoy bespoke learning of this kind.



In 2022 we have intakes in January, May and September. You are also welcome to register your general interest in the course and this will ensure you get sent updates throughout the year.

We currently have some eighty enrolled students who come from all walks of life. They include a number of international students from the US, Ireland, Germany, the Channel Islands, Singapore, Sweden and Spain. Most of our students are mature students but we have some younger students too who we welcome onto the course from the age of twenty one upwards.



For much more information and a chance to view the first module of the course, free of charge and without obligation please contact us now by email. No registration is required. Please also tell us in your email how you heard about Song Therapy, this really helps us - thanks.


Next intake is September 2022. Enrolling now.



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