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Stories quotes and reflections from students and their music group participants. Permissions checked and granted where necessary.

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Posted October 2020 :

" Hi - Really enjoyed Tuesday night. ........ This is all new to me and I like the format and that's it's via Zoom. Certainly helps me with my social anxiety - I used to be part of a ukulele group and we would do local gigs but my anxiety when on stage got too much (when you nearly pass out when at the front of the stage you know it's time to quit!!) "

Online choir participant


Posted October 2020 :


" I have had an interesting experience with a man who had been coming to one of my in-person groups. He never said a word to anyone but seemed nice and engaged fully with the singing. Other people in the group were very friendly to him but he never spoke. He is now in one of my Zoom groups and he has said some incredibly creative and insightful comments fairly regularly and seems much more comfortable. He told me last week he has autism. He said he can feel overloaded when people talk to him. So zoom is a great opportunity for him and I'm delighted to receive the great ideas he is now sharing."

Maria - ST Student


Posted October 2020 :


"Hello Thank you for last night, was good, I am getting use to zoom singing... I thought you would be interested the three little birds song reminds me of after the earthquake, when I was scared and needing some safety. I heard this and it gave me hope and positive that I was going to get out of the country. I wanted to say about it last night but I did not like to everyone. I hear this now and it reminds me how far I have come."

Online choir participant


Posted October 2020 :

"So excited to be qualifying, it's been such a joy to work on and I will continue to support the course and the essence of Song Therapy to share it far and wide!"

Bexi - recently qualified ST student


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