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The Song Therapy Network is an informal international association of independent community musicians and activity co-ordinators. We offer support, training and resources to those running singing and music groups in the community and social care. Song Therapy is a new approach to recreational singing and music making in the community. It acknowledges that the quality of music making in these settings is ultimately linked to the human skills of the leaders of these groups.

Course Advisers

How they see the world and events in their own lives; the nature of the relationships that they build with others and very importantly, the nature of the relationship that they build with themselves.

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Song therapy training
promotes responsible, informed and sensitive group leadership ensuring at all times the well being of music group participants.

Song therapy is not music therapy which is a clinical healthcare profession.* Song therapy does however offer a range of very specific therapeutic goals that can be responsibly pursued in recreational settings.

Song Therapists are trained in professional human relationships, self awareness, active listening, person centred thinking and group leadership. They offer a sensitive and responsible approach to music making in community and social care.

They understand the value of familiar well known music and song, helping people feel relaxed, safe and secure.

They know when it is right to introduce new forms of music too, encouraging cognition, exploration, learning, confidence, meaning, self worth and well being.

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* Visit BAMT for more details about clinical music therapy training in the uk

Nigel Neill
Course Facilitator
Dr Catherine Pestano
External Course Advisor
Clare Chappel
Student Welfare /

Lynsey Wellington


Peter Brown
Song Therapy
Network Adviser

Liz Radford

Song Therapy
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Prof Mat Qvortrup
Music & Philosophy

First song therapy students qualify
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ST Newsletter launched - monthly updates
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Covid-19 may be carried on the wind as an aerosol - a sobering read
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Community Voiceworks - excellent resource of choir parts and backing tracks
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Wakelet : Excellent online resource link for music makers in these difficult times
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Online peer to peer support group to launch soon - just a chatroom at the moment for students, meeting once a month for an hour perhaps but supervised by Clare Chappel our course supervisor. Students can join the course chatroom here in advance of our first meeting, probably April 2020.

Research and updates - we hope to announce an ongoing active research resource for our students - funded by your course fees and providing you with ongoing links to current research and interesting news. More to follow on this during March 2020.

Swindon workshop details announced, about six or seven spaces still available - click here for details

Our 100th enrolment on the course this month - students from the UK, Ireland, the US, Germany, Hungary and the Channel Islands - our song therapy certificate course.

NHS - a gentle informal recognition of song therapy in a couple of NHS settings - SOMPAR in West Somerset interested in song therapy courses for their Recovery College programme and in Northern Ireland where one of our students is offering voluntary song therapy music sessions in a brain injury rehabilitation setting. Students please let us know of your song therapy initiatives and we will post them as news, given permission.

December 2019
Very close to tying up a bona fide insurance scheme for song therapists with these people. It will require some form filling - more info to follow.

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